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Impact homes are built using structural insulated panels (SIPs), a high performance building system for residential and commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB). bettr homes, and our sister company SI Panels, have joined forces to create an even better building envelope using a much stronger outer sheathing of cement board. SIPs are fire-resistant, self-extinguishing, and non-toxic. Their thermal insulation properties are superior to those of other building products.

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Because termites only feed on the wood components of a home, our Ipact homes, with their SIP walls, are far less susceptible to termite damage. Other bugs and pests can easily penetrate your home carrying disease, leaving behind droppings, and impacting your home’s air quality, and causing allergy-like symptoms. Treating these pests can be expensive and often require the use of harsh chemicals that can pose risks to your family and pets.


SIPs have been found to be the safest building system for earthquake zones. Our product can also withstand up to 200 mile-per-hour winds for hurricane-prone areas.

Our goal is to build a stronger, safer, and more energy-efficient home that is also environmentally friendly and financially practical in much less time.

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