Our Journey: Ashley + Andy Williams

After meeting in Baghdad and coming home, we turned to real estate as a way to transition. We share a passion for making old homes new again as a way to continue to serve.  Recon Realty, PBC is the natural outgrowth of this path, as we often noticed other Veterans struggled to transition.

Recon Realty, PBC is a Veteran-led, team oriented residential redevelopment firm that remains rooted in the communities in which we invest. We are primarily focused on social impact through the process of redeveloping distressed communities.

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Ashley & Andy Williams, Founders of Recon Realty, PBC

“It’s not a transaction, it’s a transition.”

– Andy Williams

Our Mission

Recon Realty, PBC redeploys with select Veterans into neighborhoods with a surplus of dilapidated homes in communities primed for revitalization, empowering each Veteran with a clearly defined mission. Positively impacting our country, economy, and community.



We continue to serve as a catalyst to connect Veterans to the real estate industry and support Veteran-owned businesses. Ultimately, we empower Veterans with unprecedented exposure to the industry and advanced training for full reintegration into society.


Recon Realty

Investing in a solution to a problem


Recon Capital

recon capital

Spreading patriotism through profits



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Our Community

As we embark on our mission #VeteransBuyAmerica, we are carefully selecting our community partnerships that will be critical in the execution of the vision. For those patriotic brands that have already pledged their support and identified a way to get involved! Thank you!

For those corporations and organizations that want to learn more, simply reach out.

If you love America and expect Veterans to win, let’s see how we can continue to serve together.